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Locum Tenens Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Physician Jobs

Emergency medicine jobs are in high demand. Locum tenens critical care and emergency medicine physicians have options through Complete Locum Tenens, and can find job opportunities across the country. Whether you are looking for a career change or are interested in cross-country locums, contact Complete Locum Tenens to learn more about your options!

Emergency Medicine Jobs

Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Salary

Locum tenens offers competitive salaries for emergency medicine jobs. A critical care salary depends upon your experience, specialty, and location. Because there are so many opportunities for advancement, physician salaries can vary. A CLT recruiter can advise you on current hourly rates.

CLT Emergency Medicine Locum Benefits

Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Benefits

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being a locum tenens Emergency Medicine Physician. There are many benefits including:

  • Malpractice Insurance

  • State Licensing Assistance
  • Housing and Travel Accommodations

  • Flexibility and Freedom to Choose Facility Type and Location
  • Cross-Country Locums – Explore New Towns and Cities

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Job Service Areas

Complete Locum Tenens offers Malpractice Insurance for critical care and ER jobs in several states. If you are a physician and are ready to explore locum tenens opportunities or permanent positions, apply with Complete Locum Tenens.


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