Why Complete Locum Tenens Staffing Agency? We’ve Got You Covered.

Locum Tenens Physicians and Advanced Practitioners Keep Your Healthcare Facility Running Smoothly Throughout the Year

Relax with the knowledge that Complete Locum Tenens has the resources and technology to match you with the perfect permanent and locum tenens physicians who will fit your needs. Locum jobs ensure your facility is fully staffed during times of rapid patient influx (flu season, COVID-19, etc.), vacations, or well-deserved staff holidays. Locum tenens staffing also provides permanent solutions to those looking for a long-term physician. We understand that, as a medical facility, you cannot leave your patients in the hands of just anyone. Contact Complete Locum Tenens for your perfect match.

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Find Your Perfect Match

Complete Locum Tenens helps medical facilities and locum professionals find their perfect match. The permanent and locum physicians in our system are fully qualified, licensed medical professionals with experience in their field. Our mission is to pair these candidates with a facility in need. The CLT cutting-edge technology saves time and produces fast, accurate results. When you work with CLT, we guarantee the perfect match, every time.

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Strong Values. Strong Service. Stronger Together.

Built to Help Our Partners Succeed

Built on the core values of Complete Logistical Services, our clients trust us to offer the same outstanding level of service that has become CLT’s trademark over the last 10 years. Our partners know that when we make a commitment, we follow through to the highest standard of excellence. We own it. We work and live according to our values as a family-oriented, people-based organization. Our team is passionate about connecting healthcare workers and organizations with a smile.


Find Your Perfect Match

Whether you’re a provider or an employer, we’ve got you covered.

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